Rocket is a variant in animal form.

Rocket is a variant in animal form.


But I taught that rockets whole thing was that he was an animal experimented on. I could see him as another animal, but not as a human. Maybe a monkey or a lion or something.


No, because it was explained that he was a cybernetically engineered creature, he was experimented on


That's at least what he thinks. Most characters in the MCU have been lied to about their past including Loki, Star Lord, Captain Marvel, etc.


It's a cool thought, but I feel like it takes a lot more away from his character than it gives. Rocket comes from a place with tons of other animals who've been experimented on. His whole comic story (and mcu story as alluded so far) is wrapped up in that, and next film we are supposed to meet his love interest who is from the same planet.


Oh god. That must mean there’s a human groot 😧