Big Data and Text Analytics (BIGDaTA) Research Lab.

About Us

BIGDaTA lab is established to conduct research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms for big data analytics, with a special emphasis on text analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP). We have several research projects related to NLP / text mining such as text classification, Named Entity Recognition (NER), Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD), sentiment analysis and opinion mining, Social Network Analysis (SNA) and graph mining, data science, and big data.

Our research interests include following topics: Big Data technologies especially Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning algorithms for Big data, Deep Learning, focusing on the textual and graph part of Big Data, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, and Data Mining.

We are looking for new student members for our projects. Please contact murat.ganiz(at) if you are interested.